Blockade for the challenge

Note that this article is subject to change

One of the biggest and most common mistakes that a flag can make is to Blockade with the intent of winning an island. Below are two case studies, I will leave it to you to determine which flags attitude had which result.

The first flag, is one that will do their utmost to maintain a challenging blockade environment, even at the expense of turning against their allies. When the ocean stagnated and they were all powerful, they were bored and so turned against their allies to make things less one sided. In another instance when their flag mates were busy on a weekend when they had all their islands dropped on, they just let them take the islands and came back to take them at their leisure, whenever it appealed to them.

In the second flag, they were offered the money to drop on an outpost island for some fun, they turned it down saying that they wanted to go for an island opening instead because it would get them a shop. They didn't have much in the way of resources and were trying to play poker, so I offered to teach them, instead of taking me up on the offer they turned me down and eventually ended up calling me arrogant for my attitude.

One of these flags had a long, prosperous career in its various forms, having strong alliances across the oceans and a highly experienced, capable blockade team. The other, hopped from ocean to ocean, trying to run from its reputation for not getting along with its opponents and strings of losses, had some elements of a good blockade team, but not all, blaming things on their opponents for "not playing fair".

So before you go out to blockade, ask yourself, which of these flags are you? What motivates you about blockading? The answer to that will tell you how you will react when the ocean starts hating you for winning or when you start losing all your blockades and islands when things don't go your way.

Original article written July 28th 2012 by Dachimpy