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In a PvP you should be worried mostly about how many shots you get into your opponent, when they might sink or when they might sink you. In a pillage, you will be concerned with getting your opponent to maximum damage while avoiding shots, followed by grappling and boarding them. In a Sea Monster hunt you will be concerned with getting enough jobbers, managing dragoons, killing monsters and treasure hauling.

In a Blockade, your aim is to get points. There are no trophies for how much you can treasure haul, how many ships you manage to sink or how long you manage to stay afloat. Everything that you do is measured and judged based on how many points you can get.

Of course, these other things can affect how many points you manage to get, but that's the measure that you should use to decide on whether you have done well or not. It would be pretty difficult to score points if you had sunk so much that you had no fleet left, wouldn't it? We aren't bothered that you have no ships left though, what we are bothered about, is that you can't score any points without one.

If you are being fanatical about points, you are well on your way to understanding this basic idea of Blockading. You should die on the points rather than move away, if you move away from some points and then run out of moves, it is one of the worst things that can happen in a Blockade, far worse than sinking.

So if it is all about the points, why do you see people shooting each other in a Blockade? The answer is that if the enemy ship isn't there, that means more points for you by sitting on a bunch of flags, which means that you get more points! We may even explore situations where it's beneficial to not sink people in later articles, and there are a few of them.

Don't worry about understanding most of these ideas that I have mentioned, I will come back to them in more depth in other articles, what you should understand from this article is that everything is about points in a Blockade.

This may be a good chance to sit back and think about this, then when you are ready, take a look at the videos section at the first set of Blockade videos - Getting to the points.

Original article written February 10th 2013 by Dachimpy.

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